Who we are
Capturing everlasting moments has been a childhood passion of mine. Whether through motion or stills, anyone these days can capture them through aid of digital equipment. However, it takes a keen eye to capture details and emotion on your special day.

As a team, we strive to offer the best services and at the same time, have the best time. That is possible only because we love what we do – photography & videography. So as we work on creating everlasting memories for the client, we ourselves are having a wonderful time. Rishi Photography ensures that a balance is found. Rajesh Pathak, founder of Rishi Photography, genuinely believes in providing excellence, and thus lives by the motto, “to make you look the best, we will do the rest.” This is more than a saying, this is the reality that Rishi Photography lives by. We handle all the aspects involved in capturing your special moments so that the customer has no need to worry. Overall, Rishi Photography is a modest and passionate service provider.

Our professionals understand the need to make “you” the client, very comfortable on that memorable day. We are not just there to capture the special moment, but we also become a part of the family. This trait is very rare as most will be there doing their job. We offer sincere advice to our customers so their event is captured without any hassle and setbacks.

Our philosophy
“To make you look the best, we will do the rest”
Goals & values
  1. Deliver service that is professional and committed.

  2. Capture memorable moments with passion and enthusiasm.

  3. Implement the highest level of skill and technology.

  4. Provide convenience to serve the customer best.

  5. Exceed your expectations and turn your dreams into reality.

Our experience

We value our clients requirements as we try to go above and beyond their expectations. With 14 years of experience assisting other studios, I have decided to offer my professional services.

Photography - 14 years
Videoghraphy- 10+ years
Services & products
Live Mixing

At Rishi Photography, not only is key photography and videography offered but also live mixing. Live mixing is the use of multiple cameras at different angles displayed for the audience to visualize.


Jib crane is used to capture elevated shots, but indoors. By offering such a variety of services, we are able to provide our customers with the excellence they deserve.

Aerial Capturing

Aerial capturing is the use of drones to get elevated and cinematic shots of the event.


Every moment counts. Still shots do a magnificent job capturing memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime.


The mixture of excellent technology and skills, the goal of exceptional videography is achieved at Rishi Photography.